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Digital Signage Solutions

Have you ever thought about installing a Digital Signage Solution in your Business or Retail outlet. Why not speak to one of our Digital Signage Consultants and come and see our Digital Signage demo suite in Manchester and discuss the most effective solution for your business.

We have a wide range of Digital Signage products from Cabletime Systems, dZine, True Colours and many more.

iCEWYCHE … Making I.T. Happen

Are you concerned about Cyber Attacks on your company or personal data?

iCEWYCHE work with Cisco & Checkpoint security to provide the latest security firewall & content managment security systems designed to protect your data and financial transactions.

…Contact iCEWYCHE Limited for a free basic I.T. Security review

iCEWYCHE … Making I.T. Happen

Are you happy with your current I.T. Supplier / Support Company?

Are you still getting the personal touch that you were promised when you enrolled?

iCEWYCHE can help you warm up this winter and put that smile back into your I.T. If you sign up to one of our I.T. Support programmes in Jan-Feb 2011, you will receive 30 days free I.T. Support.

Terms & Conditions apply

iCEWYCHE … Making I.T. Happen

VoIP (Voice over IP) … Does your business VoIP Telephony yet???

I have personally spoken to 100+ businesses over the summer period and 95% of you think that VoIP telephony is the same as Skype (or a similar bad experience of using VoIP)… why is this?
Your perception of VoIP is sooooooooooo far from the truth and can be summarised in a few key points:

1) Can a VoIP system use same lines as a PABX / PBX digital phone system? = Yes, a VoIP system can link in standard phone lines (POTS), ISDN 2 BRI and ISDN PRI, plus an internet (SIP style) connection or a combination of all. e.g. This means that you can plug in your normal phone line, fax machine, ADSL connection, and several ISDN lines at the same time and receive or make calls via each type of circuit.

2) Can a VoIP system have a call queuing system and automated attendant to redirect my calls into my main office number?= Yes, VoIP systems allow call queuing, automated attendant, voicemail, recording (with instant playback), music on hold and many more features. And has the ability to instantly transfer calls to mobiles / car phones etc using Cisco Single Number Reach.

3) What does “Unified Comms” actually mean? = Unified Comms/Communications or UC compatible means that your equipment, typically a VoIP phone system or Microsoft server will work in harmony together (hence the term “Unified”). Which basically means that your phone system, email, outlook calendar, mobile, blackberry, windows messenger applications all talk to each other.

e.g. Scenario: An equipment supplier tries to contact an MD of a company to discuss an important issue with an order that needs to be dispatched today. The supplier calls the MD on his landline to ensure he gets the message straight away. However, as the MD is in an “out of office / offsite meeting” for a few hours -as scheduled in his outlook calendar, the call is diverted to his mobile blackberry. But as the MD has now set a DnD (do not disturb on his mobile as the meeting has started) the call is instantly transferred to his PA back in the office who can then deal with the problem or even forward an IM or SMS note the MD. This ensures that every call is important and no call is ever missed or worse case, pushed onto a voicemail which can be automatically translated into an email using a Unified Comms solution.

4) What happens if I cannot get to the office today, can I transfer my calls to my home number? = Yes, as with the last example, this can be configured / changed to divert all of your calls using Single Number Reach or even better, you can have the “SoftPhone” option on your laptop and this will provide you with an office phone anywhere in the world via a SIP internet connection.

5) Why should I not purchase a new digital PBX system as my current provider is giving me a great deal? =

Well, firstly, PBX systems are becoming obsolete in the next few years and typically you would not change your phone system every 2-3 years -Do you really want out of date equipment that is not scalable or that cannot integrate into your other business systems?
Secondly, surely you want your company to evolve and use new “funky” technology that puts your competitors to shame?

Thirdly, why pay for 2x separate support & maintenance contracts, when iCEWYCHE can provide a “One-Stop-Shop” / “Office-in-a-Box” solution under one simple support contract?

Fill in the Contact Form now or call our team now if you have any further questions.

iCEWYCHE … Making I.T. Happen

Virtual Cisco Engineer

Got a problem with your Cisco UC500, 520, 540, 560 Unified Comms equipment?

Do you need access to a Cisco CCNA / CCNP qualified engineer to help you out in a hurry?

iCEWYCHE … Making I.T. Happen

Welcome to the new iCEWYCHE website

Welcome to the new iCEWYCHE website and our new Blog Section.  Feel free to browse around and get in touch if you have any questions.

many thanks, Phil Wyche,

Managing Director, iCEWYCHE Limited. 

“Making I.T. Happen”

Hutchison 3G

“iCEWYCHE are excellent guys to have around and on your side, great at getting things done, identifying issues and solving before you know you have them, and the MD, Phil is regarded by others as the ‘go to guy’. Phil is a great team member too and always there to lend a hand.”

How secure is your password???

How many of you use very basic passwords on your computer / email / bank account etc?

Did you know that 70% of people use the same password for email / chat / banking / social websites etc. The 5 most common passwords are Password1, 123456, God, Sex & Money. The next most common is typically a spouse, child, or pet name. Most passwords are standard dictionary “guessable” words.

These passwords are typically known as “Plain Text” basic authentication and can easily be cracked and often are cracked by hackers who siphon off your bank account. So we need to make passwords like this more secure.

The majority of us cannot remember our keys and wallets most days, so we have no chance in remembering passwords like this “$1h4ccF4h1f40#”, or do we? So how can we keep things simple, but memorable.

Say that your current password is your cat’s name “freddie”, why not start by changing a few characters for numbers i.e. “f3dd13” where 3 has replaced e, and 1 has replaced i.

Then add a capital letter like “Fr3dd13”

So now this password is a little more secure, but still only 7 characters long. To achieve stronger authentication, you really need 8 characters or more.

In order to make it more secure, add two symbols to your password i.e. “Fr3dd13#$”

Hackers using sophisticated password cracking software would still be able to decipher this password, but the person looking over your shoulder in the office probably wouldn’t.

Try this technique today!

Or, if you want to be more cryptic, create a password using a story. i.e.

“I have a cat called freddie and he is fluffy and orange” translate this to a password using the first letter of each word (using capitals for names) and replacing vowels for numbers:


Your new cryptic password is “$1h4ccF4h1f40#” including a dollar symbol at the start and a hash symbol on the end giving you a 14 character strong authentication password. It sure beats “freddie”

Can you remember this new password now?

iCEWYCHE … Making I.T. Happen

iCEWYCHE I.T. Support Services for SME

Have you ever needed to speak to a Technical person to quickly solve a computer problem?

iCEWYCHE can offer a cost effective solution for your Virtual I.T. Helpdesk.

Our Technical Helpdesk staff are available Mon-Fri 9am-5pm (or 24hrs, 7 days a week if you so desire).

Fill in the Contact Form now or call our team now to discuss your requirements.

iCEWYCHE … Making I.T. Happen

SME Cisco VoIP Special Offer

Would your office benefit by using the latest Cisco IP Telephony systems for Small Businesses?

  • Features such as:
    Automated Auto Attendant
    Single Number Reach
    Integrated Voicemail
    16 hours of voicemail storage
    Integrated Security
    Music on Hold
    Low cost call charges (plus free Site-to-Site & Home-Office calls)
    Unified Communications and Microsoft email integration
    Plus many more

Typical example based upon an 8 user system (including handsets & DSL router switch) would cost £18.50 per employee per month (or less than 88p per person, per day -excluding line rental /call charges) on 36 month interest free payment terms from Cisco.

iCEWYCHE … Making I.T. Happen

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To contact iCEWYCHE about your specific I.T. requirements, simply fill in the form below and we will get back to you within 1 business hour

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