Software theft is a crime and now it can pay …others who can report you!

The British Software Alliance are offering upto £10,000 reward for anyone who reports a company that is committing software theft?

Are you concerned? If you would like to know more, please fill in our contact form and ask to speak to one of our specialist sales team about how an I.T. Audit can help you.

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Your boss wouldn’t ask you to steal or commit fraud, would they? So why do they ask you to use unlicensed software?

Not only could your company face serious legal and financial penalties if you were caught, but unlicensed software can also leave your network dangerously exposed to attacks from viruses and data loss.

So, if you know of a company that is using unlicensed software, please let us know now. You could receive a reward of up to £10,000.

It’s all totally confidential

We represent many of the leading software manufacturers and act on their behalf to protect their intellectual property rights and reduce the installation of unlicensed software.

If you report a company to us, we will treat all the information you provide in complete confidence. Our legal representatives operate within national and international data protection and privacy laws.

Earn up to £10,000

And if your report leads to a successful judgement or settlement, you could be rewarded with 10% of any damages, up to a maximum of £10,000.