VoIP (Voice over IP) … Does your business VoIP Telephony yet???

I have personally spoken to 100+ businesses over the summer period and 95% of you think that VoIP telephony is the same as Skype (or a similar bad experience of using VoIP)… why is this?
Your perception of VoIP is sooooooooooo far from the truth and can be summarised in a few key points:

1) Can a VoIP system use same lines as a PABX / PBX digital phone system? = Yes, a VoIP system can link in standard phone lines (POTS), ISDN 2 BRI and ISDN PRI, plus an internet (SIP style) connection or a combination of all. e.g. This means that you can plug in your normal phone line, fax machine, ADSL connection, and several ISDN lines at the same time and receive or make calls via each type of circuit.

2) Can a VoIP system have a call queuing system and automated attendant to redirect my calls into my main office number?= Yes, VoIP systems allow call queuing, automated attendant, voicemail, recording (with instant playback), music on hold and many more features. And has the ability to instantly transfer calls to mobiles / car phones etc using Cisco Single Number Reach.

3) What does “Unified Comms” actually mean? = Unified Comms/Communications or UC compatible means that your equipment, typically a VoIP phone system or Microsoft server will work in harmony together (hence the term “Unified”). Which basically means that your phone system, email, outlook calendar, mobile, blackberry, windows messenger applications all talk to each other.

e.g. Scenario: An equipment supplier tries to contact an MD of a company to discuss an important issue with an order that needs to be dispatched today. The supplier calls the MD on his landline to ensure he gets the message straight away. However, as the MD is in an “out of office / offsite meeting” for a few hours -as scheduled in his outlook calendar, the call is diverted to his mobile blackberry. But as the MD has now set a DnD (do not disturb on his mobile as the meeting has started) the call is instantly transferred to his PA back in the office who can then deal with the problem or even forward an IM or SMS note the MD. This ensures that every call is important and no call is ever missed or worse case, pushed onto a voicemail which can be automatically translated into an email using a Unified Comms solution.

4) What happens if I cannot get to the office today, can I transfer my calls to my home number? = Yes, as with the last example, this can be configured / changed to divert all of your calls using Single Number Reach or even better, you can have the “SoftPhone” option on your laptop and this will provide you with an office phone anywhere in the world via a SIP internet connection.

5) Why should I not purchase a new digital PBX system as my current provider is giving me a great deal? =

Well, firstly, PBX systems are becoming obsolete in the next few years and typically you would not change your phone system every 2-3 years -Do you really want out of date equipment that is not scalable or that cannot integrate into your other business systems?
Secondly, surely you want your company to evolve and use new “funky” technology that puts your competitors to shame?

Thirdly, why pay for 2x separate support & maintenance contracts, when iCEWYCHE can provide a “One-Stop-Shop” / “Office-in-a-Box” solution under one simple support contract?

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